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Understand Your Rights & Responsibilities

By law, we need to share the important details with you. This includes our workmanship warranties, information about any harmful chemicals or microbes that might appear during construction, your right to cancel, and your responsibility to pay.

Performance Guidelines & Warranties

Blackrock Exteriors must perform the work in a way that complies with construction codes and meets manufacterer specifications. Download Performance Guidelines

We also must provide a workmanship warranty with a minimum standard set forth by the state of Minnesota.  Read more about this requirement.

Right to Cancel your Contract

Homeowners have the benefit of the “3 day cooling off law” which says they have 3 days to cancel a contract for work done at their home such as that provided by Blackrock Exteriors.  Additionally,  homeowners can cancel a roofing contract within 72 hours if their insurance claim for the roofing work is denied. This is done by providing written notice to the contractor.

 Download our Notice of Cancellation Form.

Mold, Formeldehyde, & Lead Notices

There are 4 types of chemicals or organisms that can come up in the course of construction work that we need to make you aware of:

1. Mold Notice & Waiver

2. Formeldehyde and Urea Notice

3. Lead (homes built prior to 1978)

4. Asbestos

We can't Pay your deductible!

Minnesota Law states that Blackrock Exteriors cannot offer to pay or refund any of your insurance deductible. While we know you may have been enticed by other contractors not following the law, we hope that you understand that we take this seriously and aren’t able to make any concessions on this.